The biggest, and maybe most obvious between an unarmed and armed security guard is that unarmed security guards do not carry firearms. Armed Security officers are holders of a Firearms Users Employee Certificate (FUEC) and allows the holder to use the firearms associated with the Firearms Users License (FUL). This means they are authorized and trained to carry a firearm. Unarmed Security officers do not carry firearms and are not holders of a FUEC.They carry non-lethal weapons such as a baton.
Please give us a call at (868) 221-8870 or email admin@ppwsecurity.com. A business development officer will provide the necessary information or schedule a meeting with you.
If your business is in the higher-risk categories, or if you’re at a higher risk than most of being targeted by criminals, then you should strongly consider armed security guards.
Armed guards can prevent many crimes from happening and this ultimately creates a safer environment for all. The main benefits of having armed security is the prevention of crime and observation/reporting if anything were to occur.
Yes, we are insured. All of our guard staff receive the necessary training. If additional training and certifications are required for their role, we ensure they are qualified and certified. If specialized training is required for your location or business, please give us a call or send an email.
Please email admin@ppwsecurity.com with your company information, contact person, contact information, and your request or concern.
Please visit the "Careers" Page on our website to fill out an eligibility questionnaire and application form. Alternatively, you can visit our office to fill out our application form in person. If you meet our minimum recruiting requirements, you will be contacted by a recruiting officer to come in for an interview.
Our security officers work with us full time and their schedule is based on a shift-based roster from 8-12 hours.


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